Ivan Toth Depeña (Studio)


Ivan Toth Depeña is an artist who is currently living and working between Miami, FL and Charlotte, NC. With a Masters Degree in Architecture from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, Depeña’s production as an artist is informed by his experience in art, architecture, technology and design. His process combines traditional, hands on methodology layered with high tech output and fabrication. Depeña's studio output exemplifies the harmonic moment when various creative disciplines come together seamlessly.

Depeña’s work has been exhibited at public and private venues nationally and internationally, including the New Britain Museum of American Art, Art Taipei and Miami Art Museum. His work is included in numerous public and private collections. Recently completed large-scale public commissions are located in Denver, Colorado, Miami, Florida, Albuquerque, New Mexico and Gainesville, Florida. He is currently working on several public and private commissions, as well as, the preparation for upcoming museum and gallery exhibitions.

In early 2014, Depeña was awarded a prestigious Knight Arts Challenge Miami Grant for his proposal for a collaborative series of augmented reality public art projects throughout South Florida. Depeña was also a finalist for the renowned Cintas Fellowship grant in 2014.


I am interested in pursuing (both as a process and a means of learning) a true intersection between different disciplines. What holds my attention is the more illusive moment of “fusion” when developing my work and installations. It is the instance where different forms of creative thought, production and exhibition are indistinguishable from one another, that I find rewarding. I am constantly in search of the harmonic moment in my work when the various disciplines I pursue come together seamlessly.

Regarding process and inspiration for “making”, I am absorbed in combining the ideas of chance and intention as both mechanism and inspiration in my studio output. Surprise can come from the accident, the anomaly or the serendipitous. But the unforeseen can also come from careful planning and rule structure (I.E. John Cage). I implement both methods mentioned above to establish a neutral ground where I then begin to overlay my specific reactions. This process is repeated via layering until the result is something that, for me, has the right combination of both planned and random results.

Generally, my work starts with a concept that in turn reveals the final media in which it is to be produced with. Variety keeps me interested and also keeps me learning. I use the amalgamation of advanced fabrication methods and traditional, hands on techniques to explore new ways of interpreting, creating and experimenting with material output. I enjoy coupling machine and human to create layered and often unpredictable results. My work encompasses painting, drawing, light, video, photography, architecture, sculpture, interactivity and installation. Sometimes singularly and other times all at once.

Abbreviated CV


Ivan Toth Depeña

Charlotte, NC and Miami, FL




Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Masters in Architecture 1998

Cambridge, MA


University of Miami

Bachelor in Architecture 1996

Miami, FL


Pratt Institute

Bachelor in Architecture Candidate 1990-1994

Brooklyn, NY




School of Visual Arts

Public Art Residency
New York, NY 2010


Max/MSP/Jitter Certificate

New York, NY 2008





Connecticut College, New London, CT

February 2017

Exhibition Lecture


“Technology in Art”

Winthrop University – Rock Hill, SC

Spring 2016

Lecture on current projects and work in progress


“Art in Architecture”

National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures
October 2015

American Institute of Architects Miami Panel: Center for Architecture and Design, Miami


“Technology and the Arts”

National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures
January 2015

Panel Discussion, Miami, Florida



Appalachian State University - Boone, NC
March 2014
Lecture on current projects and work in progress




McColl Center for Visual Arts and Innovation

Technology Architecture
2015 - 2016

Charlotte, NC


Atlantic Center for Art

New Media Residency


New Smyrna Beach, FL




“Surface” 2017

CATS Transit Permanent Public Art Installation

Cornelius, NC

“Melt” 2016

Temporary Public Art Installation

Commissioned by Spotify. Miami Beach, FL

“Light Fall” 2016

Permanent Public Art Installation

University of Florida. : Gainseville, FL


“Arc” 2015

Permanent Outdoor Sculpture

Northeast Regional Library : Aventura, FL

View project


“Lapse” 2015-2016

Multi-Site Permanent Interactive Virtual Public Art Experience (Software).

Commissioned by: Knight Foundation and Miami-Dade Art in Public Places

Various sites throughout Miami-Dade, FL


“Inside/Out” Spring” 2015

Permanent Interactive Indoor Light Installation

University of New Mexico. Albuquerque, NM

View project


“Color Field” 2014

Permanent Outdoor Sculpture

RTD Light Rail Station : Denver, CO

View project


“The Walkers” 2013

Temporary Interactive Light Installation

Reed Krakoff Flagship Storefront : Madison Avenue, NY, NY

View project


“Shape/Shift” 2012

Temporary Interactive Video/Sculpture Installation

Internet Week 2012 HQ: NY, NY



“Light Cloud” Unveiling 2018

Glazer Children's Museum Interactive Light Sculpture

Tampa, FL




"remember" 2016 – 2017

McColl Center for Arts + Innovation
New York, NY

"Interconnections" 2017

Connecticut College Gallery
New London, CT

"Matter" Summer 2016

Charlotte, NC

"The Moment" Spring 2016

Locust Projects.

Miami, Florida

"¡SINFONICA!" January 2016

Charlotte Symphony.

Charlotte, NC

"In Process" November 2015

Selected Works. McColl Center for Arts and Innovation
Charlotte, NC


"You and What Army?" November 2014

Multimedia Installation. New Britain Museum of American Art
New Britain, CT


"Reflect" Ribbon Cutting November 2011

Art in Public Places. Stephen Clark Government Center

Downtown Miami, Florida


"The Fallen Sky Chronicles" November 2008

Art and Culture Center of Hollywood. Project Room

Hollywood, FL


"Synthesis" January 2008

Heinemann + Myers Contemporary

Bethesda, MD


"Orbit/Habit/Pattern" December 2007

Aqua Art Fair/Ingalls & Associates. Art Basel Miami
Miami Beach, FL


"Noise" December 2007

Ingalls & Associates
Miami, FL


"Incidental Antinomies: The Portraits" November 2004

Ingalls & Associates
Miami, FL


"Ivan Toth Depeña" September 2003

Cultural Center
Miami, FL


"Like Never Seems" October 2002

Locust Projects.Project Room
Miami, FL




"Works from AIR" 2015

McColl Center for the Arts

Charlotte, NC

"Cintas Fellowship Finalist Exhibitions" 2016, 2013, 2011, 2009 and 2007

Museum of Art + Design

Miami Dade College, Freedom Tower - Miami, FL


"Interactive Installation" May 2012

Public Installation. Working with students from NYU/ITP and the Spatial Media course. Internet Week 2012 HQ

New York, NY


Big Screen Plaza Summer 2011

Video Screenings
New York, NY


"DCG Open" July 2011

David Castillo Gallery
Miami, FL


"Caos & Conclusion" June 2011

Museo de Arte Moderno
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


"Shared Island" June 2011

Edge Zones
Miami, FL


"Aesthetics and Values 2011" March 2011

Frost Museum of Art
Miami, FL


"Not the Usual Suspects: [new] Art in [new] Public [new] Places" February 2011

Miami Beach, FL


"Time and Temp: Surveying the Shifting Climate of Painting in South Florida" November 2009

Art and Culture Center of Hollywood
Hollywood, FL


"Miami: The Edge of a Nation" January 2009

Melissa Morgan Fine Art
Palm Springs, CA


"Thirteen Artists" June 2008

Museum of Art
Ft. Lauderdale, FL


"Big Juicy Paintings and Other Work" June 2006

Miami Art Museum
Miami, FL


"Big Juicy Paintings and Other Work" June 2006

Miami Art Museum
Miami, FL


"Miami in Transition" April 2006

Miami Art Museum
Miami, FL


"Independent Project: Ingalls & Associates" March 2006

Art Taipei
Miami, FL


"Project: Ingalls & Associates" December 2005

NADA. Art Basel
Miami Beach, FL


"Project: Ingalls & Associates" March 2005

New York, NY


"Light and Atmosphere" April - December 2004

Miami Art Museum
Miami, FL


"New Art" July 2003

Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art
West Palm Beach, FL


"Made in Miami" July 2003

Fredrick Snitzer Gallery
Miami, FL


"Optic Nerve" September 2002

Museum of Contemporary Art
North Miami, FL


"Rumblestrip in Artbase" July 2001

Rhizome.org. Web




Knight Arts Challenge Winner 2014-2016

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
“Augmented Miami (A New Way of Experiencing Art)”

Miami, FL


Emilio Sanchez Award in Visual Arts Finalist - 2014

Cintas Foundation
Miami, FL


Public Art “Year in Review” Award 2012

National Public Art Network
“Augmented Miami (A New Way of Experiencing Art)”

Awarded to “Reflect” in Miami, FL


Emilio Sanchez Award in Visual Arts Finalist - 2011, 2009 and 2007

Cintas Foundation
Miami, FL


SFCC Visual + Media Artist Fellowship Grant Award - 2008 and 2003

S. FL Division of Cultural Affairs
Miami, FL


Artist Enhancement Grant - 2007

State of Florida


Artist Access Grant - 2006

S. FL Division of Cultural Affairs/Tigertail Productions
Miami, FL


Creative Capital Workshop - 2005

S. FL Division of Cultural Affairs
Miami, FL


Artist Access Grant - 2005

S. FL Division of Cultural Affairs/Tigertail Productions
Miami, FL




Bright 2: Architectural Illumination and Light Installations : 2015

Frame Publishers

Book Inclusion

Various studio projects showcased


Ways of Worldmaking (Notes on a Passion for Collecting) : 2012

Miami Dade College Art Gallery System

Authors: Arturo Mosquera


Miami Contemporary Artists : 2007

Schiffer Publications

Authors: Paul Clemence and Julie Davidow, intro by Elisa Turner


Wet 2 : 2006

Book. Schiffer Publications

Authors: Edge Zones


Carlos Zapata: The Restlessness of Architecture : 1995

Book Inclusion. Design Credit Victor Hotel.

Authors: Beth Dunlop and Joseph Giovannini, L’Arcaedizione