Ivan Toth Depeña (Studio)

Depena Studio Bulletin

Book Publication!
“Bright 2: Architectural Lighting and Art” - 2015

Frame Publishers 

Bright 2 is a vibrant selection of architectural illumination and light installation projects that are setting trends in the creative use of light from all over the world.

Domus Magazine Publishes Color Field
Color Field - 2014

Made of steel, laminated and tempered colored glass and concrete that will be back lit by LEDs at night, each of Color Fields 18 “tree-like” structures was created using software that generates form algorithmically. For Depeña, this process insured that each sculpture and glass lens is unique…

Interior Design Magazine
"Next Stop Creativity" - 2014

by Annie Block 

Architectural Record publishes “Reflect”
“Motions Captured” - 2014

Art imitates life in surprising ways. For Miami residents hurrying through the lobby of the city’s 1985 Stephen P. Clark Government Center lobby, Reflect, a permanent, interactive installation by artist Ivan Toth Depeña, does it by capturing their movements in real time, and transforming them into dynamic video paintings that illuminate the building’s columns with vivid moving pixels…

Design Life Network publishes 'Inside/Out'
"Mood Lighting" - 2015

Can a building feel and express?  The North Carolina and Florida-based multi-media artist Ivan Toth Depeña believes it can…

Designboom publishes "Reflect"
"ivan toth depena: reflection installation at miami government center" - 2011

Published by Jenny Filippetti 

Visitor movement creates a abstracted flow of colour and light in ‘reflection’, an interactive light installation…

Frame Magazine publishes "Color Field"
"Whimsical Forest Sprouts in Denver" - 2014

With some help from the sun, the immediate surroundings are transformed into an experiential kaleidoscope…

Creators Project publishes 'Color Field'
"Color Field" - 2014

By Emerson Rosenthal 

One Colorado train station has been treated to an entire spectrum of refracted light with a new permanent public art installation that uses colored glass, the sun’s rays, and LEDs at night to bathe the local landscape in constantly evolving colors.

KRQE Evening News ABQ
"Interactive Lights to Shine Bright" - 2015

Interview by Cole Miller KRQE